Bangalore to Goa (via Hampi) Bike Tour

  • Ride past the small rural hamlets, vast agricultural lands, mountains, plantations and a surreal other worldly landscape of mighty boulders and granite hills
  • Learn about the fascinating history of the beautiful ruins of Hampi
  • Witness the intricate architecture of Halebidu and Belur temples
  • Enjoy the plantation life at India’s best coffee destination, Chikmagalur
  • Bask in the sunny beaches of India’s sprawling coastline at Goa

Dotted with ancient architectural wonders, thick green coffee plantations and golden sands, the Bangalore to Goa bike tour is topographically scintillating as well as a fulfilling cycling route. It’s a trip into the past with thousands of years old temples, local flavours in food and language and a great insight into South India’s magnificent mountain scape, the Western Ghats. The journey starts in Mysore, and traverses through dramatic landscapes to finish at Goa, an international tourist hotspot. With contrast of a modern Indian city, to the countryside villages, plush estates and finally the easygoing beaches, the variety of experiences each day will keep the intrigue levels high!

On this safari you’ll lose yourself to the scenic hills draped with rich coffee plantations and spices. You’ll bike through one of the major tropical evergreen forest regions of India and be dazzled by the ingenuity of master architects of the Hoysala period. There is no better way to end the journey by unwinding by the Goan shacks and enjoying the waters at the edge of Arabian Sea.

Quick Facts

  • Duration

    14 days / 13 nights

  • Start / End

    Bangalore / Goa

  • Price

    From $2,995 pp dbl. occ.
    The price is indicative and may vary due to size of group, accommodation, time of year you travel

  • Hotels

    Casual Inns

  • Riding Style

    Active Rider

Group Departures


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Brief Itinerary

* with shuttle
DayPlaceHotelDuration~ Cycling Distance
1 – 2MysoreGreen Hotel240km / 24mi*
3HassanThe Ashhok160km / 36mi*
4 – 5ChikamagalurAadrika260km / 36mi
40km / 24mi
6TarikereThe Last Resort150km / 30mi
7ChitradurgaYatriniwas180km / 48mi*
8 – 9HampiHeritage Resort Hampi220km / 12mi
30km / 18mi
10DandeliKadumane Homestay150km / 30mi*
11Mollem, GoaDudh Plantation, The Farm House160km / 36mi*
12 – 13Goan BeachSoul Vacation270km / 42mi

Detailed Itinerary

Pre-tour Day Note: Arrival in Bangalore
Arrive in the IT hub of India and take a direct bus transfer (buses are good and available at airport) from Bangalore Airport to Mysore (hotel check-in is around noon time and early check-in is possible based on availability of room on that day). You can check the bus timings here and plan your arrival accordingly. Alternatively, you can spend a pre-tour night in Bangalore and take a train journey to Mysore. We can help with train booking. Casa Cottage at Bangalore has a good location and comfortable place to stay.

Day 1: Mysore – Palace and market walk

Our tour leader welcomes you per your arrival details. Post-lunch is to take in the magnificent structures of Mysore.

We start with the palace, also known as Amba Vilas Palace is a 14th century enthralling structure, which is beautifully lit at night on special days. After the historic sight, we make way into the busy Devaraj market. The market is a concoction of sights, sounds and smells – a real visual treat. Walk around the stalls stacked with conical mounds of Kumkum, stacks of glittering bangles, blocks of jaggery, and huge mounds of fragrant marigolds, jasmine, asters and even antiques!

We convene tonight at the dinner to celebrate the start of a fabulous cycling journey.

Meals: Dinner

Day 2: Mysore – Kaveri trail

A short transfer of about 1hr brings us to Somnathpur Temple, a 13th century Vaishnava Hindu temple on the banks of River Kaveri at Somanathapura, Karnataka. The ornate temple is a classic illustration of the Hoysala architecture, built in soapstone. Enjoy the stunning temple with our local guide.

Bike from here along the idyllic river Kaveri past paddy fields, sugarcane, banana plantations towards Srirangapatna, enclosed by the river Kaveri to form a river island. Srirangapatna was a scene of the decisive battle fought between Tipu Sultan and British East India company, a turning point in Indian history. End the ride with a well deserved local meal.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Distance cycled: ~ 40km / 24mi*

Day 3: Hassan – undulating trail

A short transfer brings us to KRS dam for our start of bike journey. Take a short tour of dam and surroundings and get on the bikes for a ride towards Shravanbelagola, en-route Hassan. Shravanbelagola is a Jain pilgrimage with a mammoth statue of Gommateshvara Bahubali atop a hill, overlooking the town. The statue was constructed in 993 AD and is the subject of intrigue and reverence for many travellers. We make a short stop here and later head towards Hassan. The ride today is going to be nothing short of a roller coaster.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 60km/36mi*

Day 4: Chikmagalur – temple trail

We start riding from Hassan through the sparsely populated roads, through thick foliage, vast coffee plantations and green paddy fields into Belur and then Halebidu, the two essential temple towns on this route. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Belur temple is also known as the Chennakesava Temple. 103 years of hard work resulted in 4000 exquisite carvings in slate stone. You can see the Hoysala emblems, statues of dancing ladies and portions of the Indian epics unfold in the black stone. In Halebidu, the Shiva temple is similar in aesthetics but also has some distinct intricate features. The depiction of the mythological ‘seven in one animal’, Makara, and tales from Ramayana and Mahabharata are more explicit here. All this is better understood with a guide.

Time dependent, we take ride up or take the shuttle to Chikmagalur. Once you are past the town, the sprawling coffee estates start emerging, with a promise of copious cups of coffee and great weather.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 60km/37mi

Day 5: Chikmagalur – day at leisure 

Chikmagalur is one of the most picturesque stretches in Karnataka. With its dense forests and wealth of flora and fauna it has been declared one of the 36-biodiversity hotspots in the world. You are free to plan your day with our help. Take a challenging ride up to the highest peak in Karnataka, Mullayangiri, at about 6,314 ft above sea level. If you want to trek instead of biking, the hike to Mullayangiri is a moderate trek, except for a small stretch of steep ascent in the middle. If you want to take it easy, simply step out and walk through the plantations.

Meals: Breakfast
Distance cycled: ~ 40km/24mi (optional)

Day 6: Tarikere – coffee trail

We leave the coffee scaped hills of Chikmagalur and pedal along to a resort located at the foothills of the beautiful Kemmanagundi mountains and surrounded by rolling farmlands, our entire campus is filled with hundreds of species of ferns, fruits, flowers, plants & trees. A wildlife oriented Bhadra reservoir near to resort is known for river tern bird sightings, especially in the breeding season. Before you reach the resort, you will have to snake through undulating parts of the richly green Western Ghats. This is one of the most scenic parts of the journey and truly refreshing.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 50km/30mi

Day 7: Chitradurga – boulder trail

This morning, we cover some distance by the shuttle and then ride along the rural countryside, making our way to Karnataka’s largest Military Fort, Chitradurga. Enroute, we see typical Indian village life – farmers at the fields, livestock lazing through grassy patches, small streams and neat village huts in clusters.

Depending on arrival time, visit the astounding Fort either in the evening or morning of next day.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 80km/48mi*

Day 8: Hampi – explore ruins

We take a shuttle transfer of about 3:30hrs to Hampi. Today discover the ruined city of Hampi with on your bike that weaves through the centuries old history and culture of this ghost city. Once the flourishing capital of one of the mightiest empires in South Asia, Hampi was sacked in 1565 after a terrible battle and never settled again. Evidence of its former glory lies strewn all around in the form of beautiful temples, magnificent statues and royal edifices, all in ruins, and looking all the more spectacular for it.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 20km/12mi

Day 9: Hampi Loop

We cross the mighty Tungabhadra river as it flows by angrily confined to a narrow ravine by granite hills. Coracles float by as huge boulders stand at odd angles, quiet witnesses to over half a millennium of history. Ride past local villages, watch village folk at work in rice paddies and learn about the history and architecture of some of its most beautiful temples.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Distance cycled: ~ 30km/18mi

Day 10: Dandeli – wildlife sanctuary

It’s a long day ahead of us, as we leave the spectacular Hampi. We are headed towards Dandeli today, passing through Hubbali, one of the largest city in Karnataka. We bike and later take a transfer in the van.

Here, we arrive at Dandeli and settle into our simple accommodation, surrounded by views and sounds of nature.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 50km/30mi*

Day 11: Mollem, Goa – spice trail

With a few uphills and a constantly green-forested region for company, we head to Mollem. The countryside area is brilliant to cycle around with rich green thickets and a nothing but birdsong filling the air around. Our next stop is Mollem. Here The River Kali is a temperamental one. It dominates the hills, the forests and all that it ribbons through. While one side you can opt for a coracle ride, dodging crocodiles and watching birds, the other side involves battling swift currents in rubber dinghy, heart in mouth and oar in hand.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 60km/36mi*

Day 12: Goan Beach – spice and coastal trail

This morning, we make our way to Goan beaches. Ride past a road flanked by beautiful forests with a robust wildlife population. Continue riding to Cabo de Rama Fort for stunning views of Ocean. It’s a classic coastal route today with gradual climbs along the way.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Distance cycled: ~ 70km/42mi*

Day 13: Goan Beach – day at leisure

Today you can plan your own day. Enjoy the sunny Goa at leisure.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 14: Goa

For a leisurely final morning in Goa, consider taking a stroll along the beach.

Our trip concludes late-morning at the hotel. Your leaders will make arrangements for transportation to the Goa Dabolim Airport for your onward journey or to your hotel in Goa.

Meals: Breakfast

*with shuttle – short transfers


insightful details

This ride showcases the essence of the State of Karnataka. Starting from the Mysore plateau and moves to the hills of the Western Ghats before culminating at the sandy beaches of Goa – The ride has been designed to capture the wealth of flora and fauna and the fabulous diversity all along the route.


Half the route is through the plains and semi arid regions of southern Karnataka before hitting the hills near Chikmaglur and riding on the ridge line till Badra Tiger Reserve. From here we start a gradual downhill towards Banavasi and Kali before a final descent to the coastline and Goa. In short the terrain is a mixture of ups and downs through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Karnataka.


• Historical monuments of great antiquity. Some more than a thousand years of age
• Markets which are chaotic as well as colorful. A feast for the eyes
• Riding beside the canals of river Kaveri, a lifeline for the people of Karnataka
• Major crops in the plains are rice, sugarcane, areca nut, tobacco, silk, sesame seeds and coconut
• In the hills you have coffee plantations, pepper vines, cardamom and several fruit trees
• The wealth of flora and fauna existent in the state, From Scrub jungles to thick tropical rainforests and a ride to highest peak called Mullayangiri. – At about 6,314 ft above sea level
• The sandy Beaches of Goa


• A train journey from Bangalore to Mysore giving you a glimpse of what the Indian railways are like
• Culinary tastes of Southern India. From rice & dishes made from rice, to the various spices and savories found in the state
• Boat ride at Ranganthitu bird sanctuary
• Coffee plantation tour
• Jeep safari in Bhadra tiger reserve
• White water rafting at Dandeli
• The cultural and topographical diversity of the state. From flat terrains to the high hills, followed by a final descent to the Arabian Sea


we go the extra mile

Beautiful Hotels

On this Casual Inn tour, experience the best of small boutique hotels at each destination. They are chosen carefully so that you are well rested, get a drift of the local character or an enthralling view from your verandah! Under circumstances of non-availability of hotel, we will put in equivalent or a better hotel. Any extras at hotel are at your expense.

Quality Bikes

When you have a road and the thrill of a journey ahead of you, it’s imperative to have a good bike to enjoy it. Most of our tours in India run on some of the best hybrid bikes in the cycling tour industry. Upright position, good traction and optimal balance between performance and comfort are some of the characteristics.

Outstanding Food

Local food plays an integral part in experiencing the culture of region and we make sure that you get plenty of this. The inclusion of daily meals is highlighted in detailed itinerary. Drinking water and soft drinks such as juice, tea/coffee is included in your price. Alcohol is at your expense.

Charming Guides

Our most visible and perhaps most important role is played by a Trip Leader, the folks who make a trip exciting, comfortable, knowledgeable and who are able to steer you towards the real experience! In most of the trips, we have two guides riding with you. One is leading the group of riders and other is closing at the back.

Comfortable Support Van

A Van follows the group of riders throughout the trip and carries all belongings. If at any point riding seems a little hard, the van takes you for as long or as little as you wish it to. It also provides you refreshments along the way and sometimes a chilled beer.

Guaranteed to Depart Tours

We run most of our tours with minimum 2 people traveling and sometimes even with 1 person, without any extra fee. Rest assured, your trip is always guaranteed to depart. If for some reasons you don’t wish to join a tour then you can always transfer to another trip or we’ll give you a credit which you can settle against any future trip.

Entrance Fees & Transportation

Entrance fees to historic sites, museums, temples & other exclusive events and transportation from rendezvous to final drop-off is always included in your tour price. Our tour designers give as much focus on non-cycling activity as on cycling.

Deep Local Knowledge & Presence

Presence of operations in Bangalore, local associations and ad-hoc field network allows us to leverage local know-how and deliver on what is promised to you without any culture and communications barrier.

Singles Friendly

It is applicable only in cases where you want to opt for a room alone. In other cases, we will try to club you with another person, preferably of same sex. In the cases, where we don’t find a room partner, we’ll bear the extra room charges.


Scott, Marin, Giant, Trek

When you have a road and the thrill of a journey ahead of you, it’s imperative to have a good bike to enjoy it. All our bike tours in South India run on some of the best hybrid bikes in the cycling tour industry (and we maintain them meticulously). Upright position, good traction and optimal balance between performance and comfort are some of the characteristics.


Dibin Devassy

Dibin Devassy

From Art of Bicycle Trips

After six years, Dibin was happy to leave Dubai’s clinically clean environs and come home to exploring the wonderfully unkempt and thickly green landscape of good old Kerala on his cycle. Amongst the diverse Kerala experiences, Dibin loves the traditional cuisines and organic farming methods the most! If he’s not scouring through the Kerala trails, you will find him hooked to movies with an intellectual tug; Into the Wild is his favourite! He is a native of Thrissur, Kerala.


from our friends

“It is unforgettable, we are happy that we have done it, we saw so much, we liked ist, thank you to the guides and the driver.”


“Based on our experience, I can highly recommend this trip and company. For us, 11 days of cycling in Karnataka will long be remembered as a very special holiday. Other tripadvisor reviews were helpful in giving us the confidence to book with this fairly new company and to decide on cycling and traveling in India. Things couldn’t have worked out better. The information provided prior to travel was clear and helpful. Early November was a beautiful time to visit this area, with constant blue skies and comfortable temperatures. The cities are chaotic but the Art of Bicycle Tours had the right idea – use the van and driver to get to the quiet, scenic country roads, cycle and see the best that India has to offer, then finish the day back in the van to get to the hotel. The accommodation choices were excellent – from very comfortable and luxurious most days, to adequate (best available) in the most remote area. Our guides were fantastic – friendly, knowledgeable, humorous and young at heart – truly happy and proud to share their country with us – more like companions with local knowledge than teachers. They hired other local guides to get the facts right at temples, a wildlife sanctuary and the Mysore Palace – but Poonacha and Sriram added their perspective to those visits as well. The trip was truly all-inclusive with meals, snacks and extras all covered by ABT. The cooler in the van had lots of bottled water for us. The bicycles provided were amazing – new, Scott X50 hybrid bikes with 700C wheels, front suspension, disc brakes and 24 gears. Most roads were paved, occasionally broken pavement and only a few, very short sections of dirt road. The scenery in Karnataka is wonderful – this trip started in the plains near Bangalore with interesting rock outcroppings, then crossing the rice fields and coconut groves and finally over the Western Ghats to the coast. The scenery in the mountains was spectacular – very little traffic takes this route and while we climbed to the highest point in the state, the trip had more downhill than uphill. We got lots of waves and smiles from the locals who were puzzled to see people traveling with a vehicle but choosing to cycle.”

Doug HoyleCanada