Striving to offer the delightful active journeys across the world

Our Story

The journey started when three of us left one morning for a 100 km ride on hired cycles to Cauvery Fishing Camp (off Bangalore), we came back surprised, out of our comfort zones, enthralled by the outdoors and moved by the simple living in the countryside. We had ridden out of the city for 60 km and were sitting under a statue of Mahatma Gandhi discussing the ride till then. Then we realized for some bicycle is a utility, for others it is a revelation of human potential and endurance, and for many more it is a new and unique experience – a perfect way to discover the heart of the country.

– Pankaj Mangal, Founder of Art of Bicycle Trips

A new way of traveling is born

Founded in June 2010 during a 100km bicycle ride in India, Art of Bicycle Trips specialize in crafting unique active adventures to India and Asia-at-Large. We work with some of the finest local specialists based in your tour region as co-creators from itinerary designing to on-ground operations so that you experience the destination from a local perspective. Your active adventure includes biking, hiking, kayaking, yoga, whitewater rafting, horseback riding and bird watching. Each day is crafted with utmost care so that you are well rested; get a drift of local culture and cuisine and enjoy the splendid trails at your own pace with the finest local specialists.

Our Values

We see cycling and hiking as a catalyst for a new paradigm based on the human traits of truth, honesty and freedom and encourage people to follow along the same lines.

Our Mission

To find and promote alternate ways of living.