Founded in 2010 during a 100km bumpy ride in India, Art of Bicycle Trips crafts unique cycling and active cultural experiences to India and Asia-at-Large for those who love to stay active and curious while traveling.

Cycling Holidays in India

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We offer private departures on almost all our itineraries, and for groups of four or more, they cost the same as our standard trips!

If you don’t find a suitable standard itinerary then you can always design your own private adventure or customize an existing itinerary.

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Cycling in India

A brief history of cycling in India

It’s been more than a decade since we started Art of Bicycle Trips. From our first bike trip to now covering many countries across Asia, it has been a grateful journey. Nostalgically, India got its first cycle in the 19thcentury. According…

What’s New?

  Staying at home has been quite a challenge. Being in an industry which prides itself in the well-being of individuals, organising cycling tours in Asia and going outdoors to experience life, we understand physical distancing is…

Cycling destinations in Asia we love

It’s been a while since we have shared a blog Post. So we decided to reinitiate the blog with a post that combines our passion of cycling, travel and expertise of doing cycling tours in Asia past many years. Whether it is cycling past villages…
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Cycle Touring through Hampi

Continuing from the first part of this series about Cycle Touring the Heart of Karnataka, we pedal on in Hampi after which I headed to Goa during this solo cycle tour. Nestled on the banks of the river Tungabhadra, Hampi is perhaps the largest…
Poonch - Art of Bicycle Trips
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Cycle Touring Karnataka

I awoke one morning with a sudden urge to just cycle all over around Karnataka, India. Over the years, I have met several people who have cycled at length all over the world. A friend’s cycle tour from Bangalore to Ladakh especially inspired…

Preparing for Your Cycling Holiday

As our guests get set for their multi-day cycling holiday, they often ask - What do I do after booking my cycling holiday? How do I prepare? So here's a handy guide that clearly outlines the steps involved in preparing for your cycling…