Founded in June 2010 during a 100km bicycle ride in India, Art of Bicycle Trips specialize in crafting unique cycling, walking and active adventures to India and Asia-at-Large. We work with some of the finest local specialists based in your tour region as co-creators from itinerary designing to on-ground operations so that you experience the destination from a local perspective. Each day is crafted with utmost care so that you are well rested; get a drift of local culture and cuisine and enjoy the splendid trails at your own pace with the finest local specialists.


5,000 delighted cyclists and adding more miles

Excellent Value

Minimal admin cost. Our back-end operations is managed from India and this helps us save a fistful of dollars year-on-year passing on the  benefit to you. Also, a direct relationship with our preferred local specialists and set-up of local operations help us deliver an excellent value for the price that you pay.

Thoughtful Design

Itineraries that are designed to reveal region’s diverse culture, heritage and countryside. An extensive research, backed by first-hand experience of all elements by us, makes an itinerary from ordinary to extraordinary. And yes like you all, we do prefer to ride inn-to-inn with minimal shuttle.

Delightful Hotels

Hotels that reflect local character. Be it premiere or casual inns. They are chosen carefully so that you are well rested, get a drift of the local character or an enthralling view from your verandah!

Quality Bikes

When you have a road and the thrill of a journey ahead of you, it’s imperative to have a good bike to enjoy it. Our fleet consists of some of the best hybrid/mountain/road bikes in the cycling tour industry and perfect maneuver through any terrain that you may encounter during your cycling vacation.

Deep Local Knowledge

Presence of local operations, associations and ad-hoc field network allows us to leverage local know-how in terms of culture, history and itinerary planning and deliver on what is promised to you without any culture and communications barrier.

Charming Guides

Our most visible and perhaps most important role is played by a Trip Leader, the folks who make a trip exciting, comfortable, knowledgeable and who are able to steer you towards the real experience! One leads and other closes. Many times, our trips are guided by the same people who answers your email or arranges your tour operations.


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