We are committed to our guests having a brilliant time, and that responsibility rests on the shoulders of all of us.

The tour coordinator’s job begins long before the tour itself. A tour coordinator interacts with managers, travel consultants, vendors, suppliers and other offices to develop a calendar of events with locations, dates and times. This calendar provides the groundwork for organizing travel and transportation and accommodations. The tour coordinator is further responsible for making all arrangements to meet the specific needs of tours.

A tour coordinator handles a multitude of duties including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Prepare operations/tours calendar.
  • Communicate with relevant stakeholders
  • Make all tour arrangements.
  • Troubleshoot any logistical issues
  • Oversee the schedule of tours.
  • Keep travel expenses within the tour’s budget.
  • Work closely with the operations head.
  • Working with 3rd party booking software: booking management and payment collection
  • Working with pre-departure information booklet and tour dossiers
  • Guest servicing: pre-tour, during tour and post-tour feedback
  • Liaising with our industry partners/vendors/unit offices for tour operations
  • Payments to our suppliers/vendors/units
  • Payment reports analysis/approvals


  • At least 1-2 years of experience working in similar role
  • Accounting background is preferable
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Highly disciplined

Location: Kochi

Salary: 2.4-3L per annum

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This is not a job. Expect this to be an extended vacation.

The most visible and important role at ABT is the one played by a Trip Leader. If you love to meet new people, have a natural flair for history, art & culture and an enthusiasm for cycling, this may be your calling.

We are committed to our guests having a brilliant time, and that responsibility rests on the shoulders of all of us. The trip leaders are expected to provide our guests fun and knowledgeable company in an easy-going, un-imposing way. Leaders must be extremely organized, flexible, able to master trip logistics, manage finances, represent Art of Bicycle Trips to hotels and subcontractors, educate guests on safe biking skills and techniques, enrich their understanding of an area’s history, culture, and geology, motivate guests who wish to challenge themselves and provide a stimulating experience for everyone. Leaders will be necessarily upholding the legendary service and attention to detail – this means proactiveness in problem solving and reacting effectively to resolve situations.

In a day, a Trip Leader must be able to change many hats, depending on the need of the hour. The day can start as early as 6am, sometimes ending past midnight. The day might include, wrenching on the bike to creating gourmet picnics and speaking with confidence on the local culture. From a biking point of you, the leader is supposed to lead the trip from front and ride with guests all the time.

As challenging as being a Trip Leader may sound, the rewards are monumental. It entails leading a unique and enriching life by meeting a diverse set of people, travelling to various parts of the country and not being bound by a cubicle. It hones leadership skills and ability to manage the business trip efficiently.

Out of all the roles, a trip leader’s is the one marked by a range of skills. To apply for this, one must be proficient in ALL of the below:

  • Avid and experienced cyclist
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Make an affable and superior host
  • Solution – oriented and resourceful
  • Culturally Knowledgeable or Willing to Learn
  • A thorough professional
  • Be cognizant of safety on the roads
  • Responsible with finances
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team player
  • Should have thorough knowledge of the mechanics of the cycles
  • Physically competent
  • Exudes energy

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