Our Social Mission:

to enrich the life of travellers and local communities

What to Expect

We put customer expectations at the centre of the way we work, building them into our products and service, and giving customers confidence in Art of Bicycle Trips.

We aim to consistently maintain the quality of our products & service globally, and recognise that customers consider below as key factors when assessing our reputation and placing their trust in us.

✓ Thoughtful & Original Itineraries
✓ Good Quality Bikes & Equipment
✓ Knowledgeable Guides
✓ Local Expertise
✓ Reliable & Safe

We are committed to being honest, transparent and accurate when we communicate with customers, whether in advertising, product information or more detailed travel outline.

Fellow Riders

Majority of our guests are from United Kingdom, North America, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and India, and like to immerse themselves in the life of a region by bike. They appreciate the more subtle nuances of daily life of a region and take back unique and enriching experience. The average age across all our trips is 50 years.

Our Classic Trips provide wholesome cycling holiday experience and are popular among couples, solos, parents with adult kids, and group of friends.

Our Family Trips are perfect to create ever lasting memories and offer bonding opportunity with your teens and college-aged children.

Our Private Trips are ideal for families, couples and group of friends. Select any existing itinerary and turn it into a private trip or design your own custom one.


You can choose your accommodation as Premiere or Casual Inns for our trips. All options are personally reviewed and experienced by us and ensure that you are comfortable after a hard day on the wheels.

Premiere Inns

Premiere accommodations include some of the most prestigious hotels. These are hotels, which have won accolades, awards or have been acclaimed as ‘ the best’ by credible publications such as Condé Nast Traveler and Travel+Leisure. Heritage properties, art décor contemporary places or chic boutique stays that are a notch above the rest are a part of this list. Restored palaces, resorts on the edge of the backwaters or a plush Swiss tent in the middle of the jungle; these inns provide an unforgettable experience. Here, you can expect spa experience, swimming pools and excellent service.

Casual Inns

True to their heritage and character, small luxury and boutique hotels that reflect local ethos are listed as Casual Inns. They hold within them, an unassuming charm and regional character that is an extension of the destination itself. Most of them fall under 3 star category with possible mix of homestay and 4 star.


When you have a road and the thrill of a journey ahead of you, it’s imperative to have a good bike to enjoy it. At Art of Bicycle Trips, our fleet consists of Scott, Trek, Giant, Fuji, Marin: these are some of the best in the cycling tour industry and perfect manoeuvre through any terrain that you may encounter in Asia. Sturdy helmets and the bikes are included in the cost of each trip.

Please check with your Tour Consultant on a bike that is provided in your tour.


Now we have new age Giant and Scott e-bikes available in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos & Sri Lanka. More ways to rejoice and ride together!

Thoughtful Design

Inn-to-Inn Riding

Itineraries that are designed to reveal region’s diverse culture, heritage and countryside. An extensive research, backed by first-hand experience of all elements by us, makes an itinerary from ordinary to extraordinary. And yes like you all, we do prefer to ride inn-to-inn with minimal shuttle.

Local Activities & Excursions

Our tour designers give as much focus on non-cycling activities as on cycling. Our travel philosophy is to get immersed in the life of a region and take back unique and enriching experience. Creating a right balance of activities and excursions is key to that, and we strive towards the same.

Outstanding Food

Local food plays an integral part in experiencing the culture of region and we make sure that you get plenty of this.

Logistics & Guiding

Top Leaders

Our most visible and perhaps most important role is played by a Trip Leader, the folks who make a trip memorable, comfortable, knowledgeable and who are able to steer you towards unique and enriching experience! Sharing information on local cultural landscape, flora and fauna, and providing genuine care & support during the trip is key to that and our tour leaders are expected to deliver on same. In most of the trips, we have two leaders riding with you. One is leading the group of riders and other is closing at the back.

Comfortable Support Van

A Van follows the group of riders throughout the trip and carries all belongings. If at any point riding seems a little hard, the van takes you for as long or as little as you wish it to. It also provides you refreshments along the way and sometimes a chilled beer.

Riding Levels

Our itineraries are designed to suite all type of riders and can always be adapted to your riding style. During non-active part of days, our time is filled with interesting visits and activities and plenty of free time when you can relax by the pool, read a book or explore at your own pace.

Easy Rider

– I like biking on relatively flat to gently rolling roads with a few moderate and challenging hills.
– I’m happy riding around 30 to 65 km or 20 to 40 miles per day and open to use shuttle for longer ones. I would like some time for spa and massage.

Active Rider

– I enjoy biking on rolling and hillier terrain.
– I feel comfortable riding around 45 to 80 km or 30 to 50 miles per day and prefer to reach to the hotel on bike.

Challenging Rider

– I enjoy biking on hillier and challenging terrain.
– I feel comfortable riding around 45 to 80 km or 30 to 50 miles per day and prefer to reach to the hotel on bike.

Pro Rider

– I love biking on challenging and mountainous terrain.
– I want to ride more than 80 km or 50 miles per day. I don’t mind rough and difficult patches along the way. I don’t need support but would be nice to have a van carrying my luggage and providing snacks.

Inclusions & Exclusions

What’s Included

  • All hotels, as mentioned in the tour details (subject to availability)
  • Meals as per itinerary. On each trip guests are given the opportunity to dine on their own so that they discover a location independently. Your guides are happy to make recommendations should you so desire.
  • A Van support that follows throughout the trip and carries all belongings
  • Bike with helmet
  • Expert Trip Leader(s) who look after your every need
  • Refreshments & mineral water while cycling
  • Entrance fees to most of the monuments and temples.
  • Domestic train or air travel (if part of tour itinerary)

What’s Not Included

  • Transportation to and from the trip including airfare, airport pickup/drop or train travel
  • Lodging before and after the trip
  • Personal items purchased during the trip
  • Some meals are not included (check your itinerary)
  • Beverages
  • Gratuities for your Trip Leader(s) are not included in your trip price. Industry standard is 5-7.5% of your trip price for the guide team. Please tip your guides at your discretion, based on their level of professionalism, guest care and service.