Thailand Bicycle Tours

Join us for a bike tour of a lifetime in Thailand – with charming toothless smile of an old fruit seller, the disarming attitude of the villagers, the verdant topography of Thailand’s interiors, the exquisite Buddhist wats, the nose dripping spicy food to die for, warm water beaches and lush paddy gently swaying in the breeze while you pedal along to your next destination across mountains, beaches through deep valleys and riversides, full of local surprises. Let the Thai smile shower you with love!

Climate for Cycling Holiday


From cycling point of view, we can divide the country into two main sub-regions: North and South Thailand.

North Thailand: dry season runs from late October until May; June to October is characterised by heavy rainfall. The south-west monsoon generally arrives around May/July. Until July, rain comes mostly in the form of short downpours for an hour or so, clearing the way for clear skies. After July, rain reaches peak levels in August and September.

Though the weather can be sometimes quite unpleasant from June to September, there are benefits to this season. The nature comes to life, dry brown grasslands and forests become lush and green, the farmers welcome the season with full productivity and lakes and rivers as well as waterfalls fill up and become stronger than ever.

November – February is the best period to do biking in Northern Thailand, July – mid October is the shoulder period. From March to June, it is hot and dry, with temperatures ranging between 27˚C/80 F and 40˚C/104 F. We still run the tour normally around the summers by providing ample water supply with ice.

South Thailand: the wettest months on the west-coast are during June-October with peak rainfalls usually experienced between mid-September and mid-October. The east-coast experiences heavy rainfall during September-December.

Now E-Bikes Are Available in Thailand!


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