Cambodia Bicycle Tours

The enigmatic country of Cambodia embodies everything that a traveller’s heart desires. A pulsating history stored in its vivid monuments, local culture rife on its river banks, warm and welcoming people and food that you will remember for life. Add to this, a taste of tropical beaches to pamper yourself.

Cambodia is nothing less than enchanting, if you are in the same rhythm of the slow paced country, falling in line with the balmy countryside, a soft breeze nudging you to ride further, and fantastic views of the countryside. Art of Bicycle Trips takes you into the heart of the royal cities, bucolic villages, tropical islands and in close proximity to local life. So if you like being propped on a cycle and pedaling through a land full of copious experiences like great food, hearty smiles and pristine landscapes, then this is the destination for you.

Climate for Cycling Holiday


Cambodia is almost year-round cycling destination. April and May are touted as hottest months. During remaining time of year, the temperature hovers around 30°C and the days are sunny & a bit humid. If it is extremely humid and hot, we recommend to start biking early in the morning around 6am, carry packed breakfast and end riding by noon time. Though it may be a bit warm, Cambodia is still a good destination for biking as countryside is amazingly green with many water bodies. From May to early November, it rains moderately for a short period and then settles down which makes the condition much cooler and perfect for biking.

November to February is the best time of year for biking – warm days with light breeze and clear skies.

Now E-Bikes Are Available in Cambodia!


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