Temple Trail

  • An undulating countryside bike trail – one of the best around Udaipur
  • An interior landscape route covering lakes, temples, mountains and small rural hamlets
  • More than 1000 years old sas-bahu temple

Ride past small villages, mountainous and greener landscape and see more than thousand years old saas bahu temples along the way. The ride is undulating and gives a chance to witness the rural life around Udaipur from close quarters with the company of a beautiful landscape. The tour takes us through some of the most interior trails around Udaipur. At the end of ride, we take 30min shuttle back to Udaipur.

Riding Note

This tour requires reasonable level of fitness and biking experience. You may have to dodge cows, dogs, donkeys, tuk-tuk, along the way. Novice bikers should avoid joining.

Quick Facts

  • Duration

    5 hrs (varies with group speed)

  • Price

    INR 3,000 per person

  • Inclusions

    Tour Leader, 24-speed bike with helmet and refreshments

  • Age

    Suitable for 16+ (height 4’11″+) and is an excellent trip for families with grown up kids who are good bikers.

  • Riding Style

    Active Rider

  • Distance Cycled

    ~ 35km (+30min shuttle back to Udaipur)

Group Departures


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Qutub Ali

Qutub Ali

From Art of Bicycle Trips

Qutub is the youngest in our team of riders. He hails for Udaipur and is incharge of our day tours in Udaipur. If you are doing a tour in Udaipur then you are most likely to meet him guiding your tour or at our Udaipur shop. Easy to talk with and ride along.