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Cycling Colorful Rajasthan


0 Rajasthan is defined by two major geographical features – the Thar desert and the Aravalli mountains. Our Colorful Rajasthan bike ride is a journey that is woven around these two – beginning at one and ending at the other. Rajasthan literally means ‘The Abode of Kings’. Historically this has been the land of a […]

Meet Your Bike Tour Crew – Kamal


0 Name: Kamalpreet Singh From: Chandigarh Based in: Udaipur Rides: Scott Sportster Eats: Vegetarian food.There’s the live-to-eat and the eat-to-live types. I’m the latter. Reads: Contemporary fiction Drinks: Water mostly, doesn’t mind adding a dash of cheap Indian whisky now and then. Loves: Books Dreams: Write a book someday. Superpower: Can bench press 150 kilos! Once upon […]