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Last Updated on October 1, 2020 by Pankaj Mangal

Three riders set off from Bangalore to Bhimeshwari – A journey on a bicycle

We took Trek bikes on rent and set off on a beautiful journey of one long day to Cauvery fishing camp. The starting point was Bangalore. Morning was pleasant and excitement of trip added on to the morning luster. Natives looked at us with little bewilderment but appeared to be fascinated by our machines. It seemed to us that they all wanted to see the world from our vantage point and ride along with us. We carried on our beautiful machines and took our first break at Nice road which is around 25 km from our starting point. The beautiful rustic village was in sight and as we reached there the village boys gathered round the bikes. The machines appeared to them as whirligigs, a spinning toy. As we moved on they all started running behind us until they were all outran by us. As we passed villages on villages, some people called us ‘odd cattle’ to ‘bold rattle’ and few others called ‘mad envoy’, ‘wacky wheelers’. Some villagers looked at us with pleasant shock but it seemed as if all were able to comprehend what we were up to. It was just about getting on the road.

Over the hills and beyond,
Into the rising sun and lore,
Lean it, curve it,
Through the storm and woods and all,

It’s just about getting on the road,
As there is no reason and all,
Let’s just spin on and on,
And steer the beast’s rise and fall,

No matter what the world call us,
From odd cattle to bold rattle and all,
Here we go down the road and up the hill,
Pedaling into the wild and beyond,